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Discover science & chemistry with BonDing the card game!
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Preparing Children for a Future of Uncertainty

Empowered Learning Picture

Empowered Learning

Positive Learning Experiences

Positive Learning Experiences

 Thriving in the uncertain 21st Century requires more than just academic knowledge.

Our educational games and comics are designed to empower children with social emotional awareness and higher order thinking skills. 

Positive Learning Experience represented by a child holding a drawing of a sun!

Positive Learning Experiences

Positive Learning Experiences

Positive Learning Experiences

When a child associates a subject with a positive experience or fun memory.

Over the past decade of teaching with science games, we notice it evokes curiosity or a desire to excel in a subject.


Active Learning Experts

Positive Learning Experiences

Active Learning Experts

Educational games and comics are powerful learning mediums because they allow you to experience information.

When that happens, what you learn becomes muscle memory (like riding a bike).

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